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Angela stacking Xiphos places

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Angela attacks and dazes a character with her builder.  Before she can place with Xiphos she triggers Angelic Assassin and moves and attacks.  She new has 2 Xiphos place this character within 2 triggers.  The places are mandatory.  Can she choose the order of the places?    

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In the situation described, she may not choose the order to resolve the two places as they are not occurring at the same time.

The placement from the Xiphos attack that was made as a part of the Angelic Assassin superpower must be resolved first. That attack will be resolved and ended by the time you have the opportunity to perform the placement from the Xiphos attack that allowed you to trigger Angelic Assassin.

You could choose to perform the placement granted by that first attack before you choose to resolve the Angelic Assassin effects (and subsequently the placement from the attack it generates), but that is the only way in which you can choose the order.

They are not "stacked" at the same timing step due to them occurring in separate attacks.

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