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How do Fighter Ambush and Invisible Hand interact?

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Considering the following:

FAQ: Can a ship or squadron that is set aside be deployed by a different card effect than the one that set aside (Rapid Launch Bays and Fighter Ambush, for example)?
No. Ships and squadrons that are set aside are only affected by the ability or card effect that set them aside.

When you have set aside your squadrons in Fighter Ambush, and both players have deployed their other ships and squadrons, you are instructed to deploy them all where you can deploy each of them as normal or at distance 1 of an obstacle. When you deploy a squadron, can you activate the Invisible Hand's ability to set them aside next to your ship card?

I would rule this as yes, because you are now deploying the squadron, and this can trigger the Invisible Hand's ability to set them aside (again).

A player in our group says no, because Fighter Ambush only allows them to be deployed 'as normal' or 'within 1 of an obstacle'. This means it cannot end up on Invisible Hand because that is not a normal deployment or deployment within 1 of an obstacle.

Another option even is no, because the invisible hand's ability triggers just before it would be deployed, and at that moment the squadron is still set aside on Fighter Ambush and thus cannot be affected by another card following this FAQ.

Please advise how this should be ruled and why.

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Hello! Thank you for your question,

No. The second player would not be able to set aside squadrons and utilize Invisible Hand ability in this instance.
This is because the "Before deploying fleets" timing of Fighter Ambush Setup effect would set aside the 2nd players squadrons before fleets are deployed.
Invisible Hand's ability is only resolved in the "While deploying fleets" timing, which is before the second player could deploy the set aside squadrons due to Fighter Ambush effect, which is in the "After deploying fleets" timing.

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