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Challenger event rules question

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What happens if a player does not complete a game already in progress?

e.g. player one scores 5 vp player 2 scores 2vp. Its the half way through the 2nd round and player one can not play and leaves table.

the event is 4 rounds

How would this be scored?


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That will ultimately be up to the event organizer to determine, but it sounds as though you are describing a concession, which according to the challenger document would be scored like this


Concession: One player voluntarily concedes the match. The conceding player receives a loss and their opponent receives a win. The winning player receives 14 VPs or their current total, whichever is greater. Collusion between players is not permitted under the sportsmanship rules of this document. If a Watcher believes players are attempting to manipulate the scoring system, the players should either be given warnings or be ejected from the event.

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