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Are rerolls from the same source made simultaneously or sequentially

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Let's say my Nebula is doing her Strike attack against Thanos or another big potato. My main goal is to get a Wild and inflict Shock and I'm willing to sacrifice potential damage dices to do so. Thanos is contesting an objective, so Nebula can reroll as many dices as she wants thanks to her Assassin innate superpower. I roll 2 Hits and 2 Blanks. Which of the following scenario is the correct one? :

1) I can choose to reroll the two blanks first. Then, if I don't get a Wild, I can reroll one Hit and if I still don't get a Wild, I can reroll the other Hit.

2) I must reroll all dices together and cannot wait to see the result of some of the rerolls before choosing to reroll more dices.

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1 hour ago, Piffo said:

Hi, just to clarify - different cards are considered different sources.
Different abilities/effects from the same Charachter (or card, FWIW) are different sources as well, correct?

Yes. Those would all be different sources. 

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