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Automated Targeting Priority vs Munitions Failsafe

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Does ATP still receive a calculate token when MF is used?

Automated Targeting Priority: While you perform an attack, you must choose a defender at the closest valid attack range. After you perform an attack that missed, place 1 calculate token on this card. Before you engage, you may remove 1 calculate token from this card to gain a matching token.

Munitions Failsafe: While you perform a torpedo or missile attack, after rolling attack dice, you may cancel all dice results to recover 1 charge you spent as a cost for the attack.

This would suggest that ATP does not trigger when MF is used because the attack is cancelled.

Please confirm, thank you.


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While Munitions Failsafe allows you to recover a spent charge in exchange for cancelling your attack dice results, you still resolve the remaining steps of the attack, including rolling defense dice. The attack would miss, and you would place 1 calculate token on the Automated Target Priority card. 

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