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  1. Which would take priority? Would Vader be able to use his force ability to perform additional actions?
  2. Does Null's initiative change to 0 when losing a shield or taking hull damage?
  3. Found this question in a Redit post and there were 2 different answers. Hoping for an official ruling as I actually used this during my last game. When flying Darth Vader in the Defender, can he use the Force to change just a blank to a hit, or can he use Force to change more than one blank to a hit. I'm asking if he can change 3 blanks to 3 hits if he uses 3 Force. How many force tokens can be spent to use an ability during a phase? Thanks.
  4. Can DV gain both the evade from Full Throttle and the boost from Afterburners before his action?
  5. The Full Throttle ability indicates that DV may perform an evade action. Is this in addition to his standard action, so he could perform a target lock after adding the Full Throttle evade?
  6. Are the colored plastic bases that FFG released during 1.0 edition legal in a 2.0 tournament?
  7. Running a TIE/FO with Fanatical. Do I use Fanatical after I use Focus or Target Lock to change the attack dice results or must I use it before?
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