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Kickback SoC linked actions limit?

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can Kickback pilot (from Siege of Coruscant) do a tonel, then apply its pilot hability to make a white target lock (gainning astrain token for it) and then perform a red evade as a linked action as depicted in its action bar (after a barrell roll he already did)? 


For me the answer is clearly NO since it is not a consecutive barrell roll and evade since he did target lock in the middle, but some colleagues say the action is added to the queue... but honestly for me does not make sense to have a pilot doing 3 actions.


In any case an official clarification would be helpful.

Thank you.


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Yes Kickback Pilot can perform a Barrel-Roll, then nominate that they will be doing both the pilot ability Lock and Linked action evade. The sequence could be

* Perform a barrel roll
* Place the pilot ability in the queue & place the linked action in the queue as they both trigger from "After performing an <action>" triggers.
* Pop the pilot ability from the ability queue and perform the red Lock as white by gaining one strain
* Pop the linked action from the ability queue and do a red evade.

This way Kickback would have performed a roll, lock and evade and have a strain and stress token as a result.

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