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Toad dropping a Mystique leadership token onto an already Mystique'd secure

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In the Brotherhood mirror match, a secure token has team A's Mystique leadership token on it and no allied character near it. Team B's toad moves within [2] of the secure token and interacts to drop his own Mystique leadership token onto it. Toad never contested the objective as he didn't get with [1] to lift Team A's token, but what happens between the two Mystique tokens on the secure objective?

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Hi there,

I came across an interesting question and thought it was worth clarification.

In the example both players are under Mystiques leadership Freedom Force. Player A has placed a freedom force token on a secure objective. Player B moves toad up to within 2 of this objective and places the leadership token from freedom force using prehensile tongue. While Toad is in range 2 he is not securing the objective so the token would remain?

Does the new freedom force token override the old one?

 or do both players score/contest the objective Because the leadership specifies you remove the token if an "enemy character" contests the objective?  


Thank you in advance. 

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