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  1. Hello there, a player in my local meta recently posed the following question regarding ultron's I will create a better age ability. regarding the timing of Ultron Tyrant’s Kinetic Field Generator and I Will Create a Better Age? For example, if I’m playing Convocation and don’t have Ultron Drones in play: could I use Ultron, Metal Tyrant's Kinetic Field Generator to throw a piece of terrain, upon destruction but before the throw* I trigger I will create a better age to make a drone, then “throw” the terrain at the new drone, the drone gets KO’d, and I get Iron Bound Books back. Regarding the timing in the core rules it says that when a superpower that throws a piece of terrain is used the terrain is destroyed first. This would in theory trigger ultron's I will create a better age ability allowing him to summon the Ultron grunts if they are not already present on the table. Is this the correct interpretation of this interaction?
  2. When the Hulkbuster is removed from the battlefield it says it loses all power, damage, special effects and conditions. Does this include an activated token if Hulkbuster had one? Would this allow Iron man Hulkbuster to be placed without and activated token and activate in the same round?
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