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AI and Flight controllers during Counter

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These are kind of extreme corner case but for the sake of a more clarity.

Let's say a squadron with counter (built-in or granted by other effects such as Dengar) is activated by a squadron command and during the its activation, it triggers the attack of a source like Moralo or Haor Chall Prototypes (the squadron moved while engaged with Haor Chall or moved an objective token near Moralos). Those attacks are not counter attacks so they can be countered. As the squadron countering is actually attacking during its activation and its being activated by a squadron command, does the counter attack benefit from IA and/or flight controllers if the squadron has IA or the ship is properly equiped?

Just in case I made it confusing:

Scenario 1: my quasar with flight controllers activate my lambda with a command; I move my lambda at distance 1 of an objective token and at distance 1-2 of my Dengar; I move the objective token with strategic; an enemy Moralo was a distance 1 of the moved objective token so my opponent move and attack with him against my lambda; my lambda has counter due to Dengar, does my lambda add 1 blue die to the counter attack as it's being activated by my quasar equipped with flight controllers?

Scenario 2: similarly, I activate a tri-fighter with a squadron command; the tri-fighter is at distance 1 of an enemy Haor Chall Prototypes but there is no engagement due to obstruction so I move my tri-fighter; the enemy Haor Chall attacks, does my tri-fighter get to counter before moving? Does the counter add the AI die as its being activated by a squadron command?


I guess the answer is yes as the wording for counter is similar to snipe, but before Moralo there was no way to counter during your own activation so I want to be sure.

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