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Abandoned Mining Facility Obstacle Placement.

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Resubmitting per request. 

In Abandoned Mining Facility during setup, obstacles are placed at distances 2-5 from the station. When the station is placed at the center, per the objective card, there is a small portion where the distance 2-5 would measure into the distance 1-3 deployment zones of each player.

Here is an image that can illustrate the area in question:



Does this mean the remaining obstacles can ignore the usual restriction of obstacles needing to be deployed outside of distance 1-3 of the player edges when measuring 2-5 of the station?

Can obstacles be placed where the yellow shaded areas overlap with the Red and Blue shaded areas (please ignore the green ring and the "objective token zone" words).


Thanks again! 

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The objectives wording doesn't override the current setup restrictions as the objective doesn't explicitly state that you can, such an example is the objective Minefields.
Example wording to allow placement in deployment zones would look like the following "at distance 2-5 of the station (even in deployment zones)".

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