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Hi, got some questions regarding recalibration matrix. 

1) if the attacker doesnt use RM and then the defender does, im assuming that then the attacker cant use his cause his window of opportunity already passed. Is that so?

2) if the attacker uses RM does that prevent the defender to use his on that same attack or can he still respond with his own RM?




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When both players have an effect that triggers at the same time, Appendix A lays out the order to resolve them. 

In the case of effects being triggered during an attack, the attacker resolves their effects and then the defender. 

In the above examples, if the attacker declines to use Recalibration Matrix, they may not use it in response to the defender using it as their opportunity to play it has already passed. 

If the attacker uses it, the defender will then have their opportunity to use it.

Does this answer your questions @SimonHK1 and @Nelinchile?

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