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  1. We have a tournament tomorrow at a local store. Just to be sure. The tie breaker wounds inflicted is specifically just the total wounds tokens when the game ended or the injured tokens are also count (they were wounds).
  2. Can my opponent use Recalibration Matrix and then I use mine immediately after? In the same attack.
  3. If I use a charge action. Can I move first, then use smash (active card) and then attacking with extra dice?
  4. Hello, If Angela is attacking Carnage with Hevens Wrath but Okoye did bodyguard to protect Carnage and Angela got Cleave by rolling 2 crits and wild. Okoye was KO after the attack. ¿Who is the original target? ¿Carnage or Okoye?
  5. ¿Its possible to take your opponent herb? I thought it wasnt possible but then I saw in this forum you could with Enchantress ability or "Can I borrow that" tactic card. ¿Are those the only ways to steal the herb from your opponent?
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