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Objective Token Stopping Push/Pull

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As far as I can see if you are on an Objective Token, you are immune to being pushed, as the character being pushed would instantly contact another object and I can't find anything that says ignore the object you are already overlapping.

As I doubt this is the intent, I would like some clarification on the interaction of objective tokens (Including Priority Objective Tokens) and pushing. 



Characters and tokens are referred to collectively as objects.

Push or Pull:

When an object is Pushed or Pulled, it is moved using the indicated range tool instead of a movement tool. Move the object the full length of the range tool with its base centered on the tool.

• If an object would contact another object or terrain feature at the same or higher Elevation than the Pushed or Pulled object, the movement ends immediately.

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Can characters overlap objective tokens (either active or inactive)? Additionally, the rules state that if a push/pull is interrupted by an object it ends, and the rules state tokens are objects, so is a push/pull interrupted by objective tokens? 

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