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Can you decline your second action?

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I understand a character gets two actions per activation, but there may be instances where you don't want the character to take a second action.  Do you have to make that second action, or can you decline it and declare your turn to be at an end?  

Suppose for example that Cyclops is on team A and Mysterio is on team B, and both contesting the same point, but have size 3 terrain between them.  When Cyclops is activated, he does not have line of sight to Mysterio so with his first action uses his Optic Blast attack at a different opposing character.  Cyclops now has one action left.  Cyclops doesn't want to make a second attack (for whatever reason), but wants to continue to contest the point from exactly where he is at.  If Cyclops declares a move action (even a move of zero), I believe that Mysterio would be able to activate Tricks and Traps, which Cyclops does not want to happen.  Can Cyclops end his turn at this point with no second action, or would he have to declare a move of zero if he doesn't want to attack, thereby giving Mysterio a chance to employ Tricks and Traps?  

I know this is a very specific situation, but I appreciate your time answering it.  Thanks!  

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