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Dooku/Grievous vs Dooku/Anyone

     Say General Grievous attacks a magnaguard, and an enemy dooku is in range two.  GG doesn’t wound the magna, however he uses his reactive to wound dooku.  He gains a momentum, triggers his identity, heals and gains force.  Dooku triggers his identity and his magna attacks GG, then he uses his reactive and attacks GG himself wounding him.  The grievous player could trigger Dookus identity now in response to GG wounding, correct?  Also, provided GG is within R3 of an allied support battle droid, could grievous use his innate ability since he has completed a combat action, even though he is now wounded?  At what point does GG activation’s end, and could he use an active ability after all reactives to the combat have been resolved?

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When a Unit's activation ends pre-emptively on account of that Unit becoming Wounded during their activation, they forfeit any of the remaining actions they have as the activating Unit and cannot use any further Active abilities. Their Innate and Reactive abilities can still be used as normal, unless otherwise stated.

Let us know if you would like further clarification on this specific interaction

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