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Token Wounded/Injured clarification

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Can you please clarify which side of the wounded/injured token represents being wounded and which represents being injured? 

Intuitively I would think the heartbeat line would be Injured, as it matches the icon of the Durability stat on the Unit Card. However an example image seems to show the opposite. Just trying to figure out what was intended here. 

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I realize this may be a moot topic, since I'm arguing with a player about Rules as Written, but trying to find the design thought process.

The Wounded token and a Unit's Durability use the same graphic (the heartbeat icon). When a character takes damage, if they have sustained damage equal to or greater than their Stamina (same graphic as Heal), they get a Wounded token and become Wounded. At the start of their next activation, the Wounded token flips to Injured (blast damage graphic), and all damage and 1 condition is removed. If they have a number of Injured tokens equal to their Stamina, they are defeated after their next activation.

I've tried to explain that the Injured token represents blasts on armor, etc, while the Wounded token is a reminder that they are winded/taking vitals (hence the heartbeat graphic). The counterpoint is that Durability is the same icon as Wounded, so their thought process is "three Wounded tokens matches the 3 next to the same icon on the Hero card, which tells me when they are removed".

Am I missing something more obvious? Debating rules as written drives me crazy, especially when it's literally stubbornness that will only create confusion regarding the game state. 

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