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Objective control at a new Struggle

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An interesting thing happened last time I played.

We started the 3rd struggle, I understand that the objective tokens "turn off" when the previous struggle ends, but in the case of this context, an objective was activated in which one unit of mine and another of my opponent were,non of them wounded and able to contest the objective, at the first turn of the third struggle the unit of my opponent could not wound my unit, so they were both not wounded by the end of that units activation, does the active player takes control of the objective?



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First thing to note is that objectives are controlled at the character level, not the unit level. The following answer will assume both units had the same number of characters.

If both players have the same number of characters contesting the objective token, it is considered a tie and control of the objective does not change.

This means that the objective would stay uncontrolled by either player in the scenario you describe.

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