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Thank you, we figured that was the case but wanted to double check also had a follow up question and some clarification. 

Hoping you can help us understand team tactic card affiliation alittle bit better. Example TTC for the criminal syndication that allows you to take priority if you spend 10p, Can any character on the team pay towards that or do they need to be on the affiliation list? You have to have the affiliation to bring card but can even a non-affiliated character be able to use the card? Thank you again for your patience and helping us out with this.

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I split this post into its own thread. 

Affiliated Team Tactic cards will specify who can play the card. 

All According to Plan requires the characters paying for it to be Criminal Syndicate so unaffiliated characters will not be able to help pay for the card. 

Some affiliated cards do allow unaffiliated characters to use or be affected by the card like Price of Failure. 

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