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Ultron metal tyrant and age of ultron

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Ultron has the same alter ego (Ultron) in his 4 and 5 level threat versions.

Can Ultron, Metal Tyrant use the tactic card from the first core set Age of ultron?

And viceversa, can the 4 level threat Ultron use the team tactic card Glory of Ultron? 

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Hello all,

Just curious will the team tactics card The Age of Ultron work on Ultron, Metal tyrant? I'm not sure if the card is referring to the name or alter ego? I'm going to assume no it doesn't work with Metal Tyrant but I thought I check.

Thank you! 

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Hi, thanks for all your hard work. 

Can Ultron, Metal Tyrant use the Age of Ultron team tactics card? 

The card specifies it has to be used by Ultron, which is also Metal Tyrants alter ego. With original Ultron we do have a unique situation though as he has the same super hero name and alter ego. So my question is does Age of Ultron specify the superhero name or the alter ego?

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