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Unit A attacked B

Unit C attacked A. Not all models from C touch in base contact A. 

B makes withdraw. 

Some models from A doesnt tounch all from C. So do(and if yes:when) models from A going to C? If yes:

1. Imediately After withdraw B? 

2. On start/or end activ A/C? 


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Minis on both sides are placed into base contact with enemy minis and in cohesion when and as described under the "Moving Into Melee" process (page 26 of the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook) and "Removing Miniatures in Melee" (page 31).

In your example, unit B's Withdraw move will not affect the placement of any minis in unit's A and C, as no units moved into melee and no attacks were made. The timing of the activations of units A and C is also not strictly important; miniatures are placed into base contact if and after a melee attack made by either unit is resolved.

Hope this helps,

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