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Hello !

Plo Koon's ability "I know if we work together, we wil stay alive" states that if the chosen character was a trooper or padawan, Plo gets to dash too. Does it apply to "clone troopers" like Rex and the other clone secondaries, or only to troopers like support units ?

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Jedi Master Plo Koon's Tactic Ability, I KNOW IF WE WORK TOGETHER WE WILL STAY ALIVE states "Then if the chosen unit was a TROOPER or PADAWAN, one character in this unit may DASH".

Does the Clone Trooper keyword work for this ability or must it be the Trooper keyword to trigger this part of the ability?

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Rex, Cody and Wolffe have the Clone Trooper trait, but unlike the clone trooper supporting units do not also have the Trooper trait.

Are Rex, Cody, and Wolffe considered Troopers for the purposes of Plo Koon's We Can Do This the Simple Way or the Difficult Way?

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