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Pull the Strings, Guidance and Disembarking a Closed Transport

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Can Guidance or Pull the Strings be used to give a free move action for disembark if a closed transport has moved more than once in the current round?

Disembark says the unit cannot perform any free actions if the closed transport has made more than one non-pivot move, is this before or after the disembark? Eg would the fact guidance and pull the strings grant a “free non-attack action” or “free move or attack action” invalidate the unit from disembarking due to the free nature of the action? Or does the non-allowance of free actions not kick in until after the disembark?

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Hi there,

"When a unit disembarks, if the vehicle that is transporting that unit has performed more than one non-pivot move during the current round, disembarking uses all of its available actions, and it cannot perform additional actions or any free actions."

The restriction on not performing further actions or free actions applies when a unit disembarks; not before. Such a unit may indeed use a free move action granted by the keywords Guidance or Pulling the Strings to disembark.

Hope this helps,

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