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Jango + Count Dooku Crew Interaction

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1. Jango executes a blue maneuver and his opponent a white one.
2. Jango attacks and say "I'm using Dooku for blank". 
3. His opponent rolls 3 eyes

Will Dooku transform one eye into a blank and Jango's ability turn another eye into another blank? Or Jango's turns one eye into a blank and since there's a blank on the roll Dooku's ability cannot trigger?

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Yes, as Count Dooku's (crew) ability takes effect after the dice are rolled and before the Modify Dice step during an attack, or before other dice modification effects are applied for dice rolled at any other time, Count Dooku would change one of the Focus results to a blank result first, with Jango Fett's (Firespray-class Patrol Craft) Pilot Ability allowing you to change a second die in the Modify Dice step.

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