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Exhausting an unmarked upgrade card

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The effect of MS-1 Ion Cannon says:

Blue Crit: Choose and exhaust 1 of the defender's upgrade cards

Can I use it to exhaust any upgrade card equipped to the target ship, or are the effect limited to those that have a recur or non-recur icon only?

For example, can I use MS-1 to exhaust an XI7 Turbolasers? If yes, after XI7 is exhausted, does its effect still in play? Or is it disabled until it's readied in the status phase?

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Yes, you can "exhaust" an upgrade card that does not have a recur or non-recur icon.
An upgrade card that is "exhausted" has its effect in play as specified on its upgrade card unless otherwise prevented.

To put another way, "exhausting" an upgrade card that otherwise wouldn't "exhaust" such as XI7 Turbolasers, has no effect on how that upgrade card resolves its effect.

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