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How does the Stun special condition interact with the Asgardian superpower?

Asgardian states “During the power phase, this character gains 1 additional (power symbol).”

The rules reference states that “during the power phase” abilities resolve during step 2 of the Power Phase, which is after step 1 of the power phase when all characters gain 1 power.

So the Asgardian gains 1 power in step 1 and then 1 power from the Asgardian superpower in step 2. Should Stun reduce an Asgardians power gain to 1 in the power phase given that they gain 2 instances of 1 power from 2 different sources at 2 different timing steps?

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The Asgardian Rule changes the amount of power gained during step 1 of the power phase - adding one additional to it.

Effects like that of Magneto that simply cause the character to gain power during the power phase resolve in step 2 as you've mentioned (along with all other things that a player has during the power phase).


Stun causes characters with any superpower that uses the "additional" wording to only gain 1 power during the power phase (from the phase itself). They can, of course, gain additional instances of power from other rules.

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