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Is Measuring Push Angles Restricted by the One Tool of Each Type pre-measure rule?

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Hi there.

I used the search feature, but did not find anything regarding the use of movement tools in this context.


When utilizing the long movement tool (or any movement tool for that matter) to determine a Valid angle to push, throw, etc a model toward / away, does this count against the limit of movement tools which I may use for measurement? Am I allowed to simultaneously use a long movement tool to determine the correct angle for a push while also using a short movement tool to determine how far the model will be pushed?

Does using the tool in this way count as using a movement tool for the purposes of 'not being allowed to measure with more than one movement tool'?

Is the correct way to resolve this to have one player use their long movement tool to determine the angle, and have their opponent measure the distance with a short movement tool?


Thanks for clarifying! Let me know if you need me to provide pictures for reference.

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Could you please clarify the extent to which a measurement tool may be used for a purpose other than what it is labeled for? I recognize that when creating this angle, you're not really measuring something. This preserves the spirit of using one measuring tool of each kind.

However, I want to ensure that corner case exploits cannot be extrapolated from the above wording / phrasing.

Laying a movement tool near the end of a range ruler while measuring range, then removing the range ruler but allowing the movement tool to remain on the board, effectively marking where the end of the range ruler was placed, could be seen as something other than it, "being used to measure movement". considered using that movement tool to measure movement. vs. "Being used to measure anything else". I understand the spirit of the idea but I'm concerned that people may try to exploit this by having more than one ruler on the table because it's "not being used to measure movement".
Are you able to offer further clarification for your ruling which may serve to preserve the spirit/intention of eliminating the simultaneous use of two tools of the same kind?
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