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Seperation anxiety symbiotes

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I understand that when someone is dazed or KO’d that the symbiote leaves them based on the sonic rifle topic that Pagani answered… however i cannot find that in the rules of the event… can you please point me to where i can locate that rule for reference?

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The rules of the Separation Anxiety contain the following special rule: 


Pah! WEAKLING!: When a character holding a Symbiote token drops or loses it, they also discard their Symbiote card.

As per the Core Rules of MCP, when a character is Dazed or KO'd they drop all objective tokens they are holding. Symbiote tokens are objective tokens, so being Dazed or KO'd forces a character to drop it. Dropping the token triggers the above rule, and the Symbiote is lost. 

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