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Solar Corona, and Linked Turbolaser towers

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Solar corona states "While a ship is attacking before resolving any attack effects....the attacker must discard one die with a targeting icon if able.

In the rules reference under the attack step, the timing to cancel an attack due to not having any dice is when you are gathering the attack pool.

Linked turbo laser towers state "while attacking the first squadron during your activation you may add 2 dice of any color to your attack pool"


If I have a single die attack against a squadron, and I roll a targeting and must discard due to the objective resulting in a no dice attack pool, may I resolve Linked Turbo laser towers to add 2 dice of my choice to the attack pool?


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I am not certain what "targeting" icon is, but my guess is that you mean the "Accuracy" icon, but to answer your question.

Yes. Once you reach the "Resolve Attack Effects" step of an attack, if your attack pool consists of a single die and that die was removed due to an effect like Solar Corona, you are still able to resolve modifying dice effects such as adding dice to your attack pool.

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