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Projection Experts an Tranquility title

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The Tranquility title allows you to move shields to a new zone and have the max shield level go above the printed maximum. The card says you cannot regain shields in another zone while the level is higher, but can you use projection experts to send shields to another zone? 

It’s seems to be allowable, as that was the FAQ ruling with the Aspiration title which has a similar effect.

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Yes you are correct about how Tranquility interacts with Projection Experts based on the FAQ ruling for the Aspiration title.

To apply that FAQ for Tranquility, this is your answer.

Shields can be moved to hull zones on the ship that this card (Tranquility) is equipped to (including through the card effect of Projection Experts), as long as the number of shields in the hull zone they are moved to does not exceed that hull zone’s maximum shield value.

After this card (Tranquility) is discarded by an effect such as Darth Vader, shields exceeding a hull zone’s maximum shield value are immediately lost

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