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Glaive's Edge and Death Blow Flurry

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He cannot use Glaive's Edge at that time, no.

Although Active Superpowers like Glaive's edge are any time abilities, there is a bit more explanation required. You can find the details on page 15 of the online rule book, but I've included them here for ease of reference.


Whenever the rules say an effect, ability, tactic card, or superpower may be used “at any time,” it doesn’t mean literally anytime the player wishes. These abilities may be used before or after an action is taken or effect is triggered but can’t interrupt an action or other effect.

The Strike attack granted by the Flurry actually happens during the resolution of the Death Blow attack (Step 14a of Appendix A), so this means there is no time between the two for an any time ability. It would be interrupting the attack sequence to use it between them.

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