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How will Pattern Analyzer work with Nien Nunb[Resistance; T-70 X-Wing]?

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Well, I just want to make sure if I resolve the ability queues correctly.

Here is the information of relevant cards:

Nien Nunb[Resistance; T-70 X-Wing]: After you gain a stress token, if there is an enemy ship in your [Front Arc] at range 0-1, you may remove that stress token.

Pattern Analyzer[Tech]: While you fully execute a red maneuver, before the Check Difficulty step, you may perform 1 action.

And steps here belows are how I will resolve the ability queues:

1) Nien Nunb fully executes a red KT4, having no enemy ships in his Front Arc at range 0-1;
2) Nien Nunb performs a Boost action successfully with the help of Pattern Analyzer, before the Check Difficulty step, and then has an enemy ship in his Front Arc at range 0-1;
3) Nien Nunb gain a stress token in the Check Difficulty step, and remove it by triggering his pilot ability afterwards;
4) Nien Nunb perform a Focus action.

I hope I do resolve the queue correctly.

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