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Thanos Ultimate Encounter questions.

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My play group and I just recently finished a Thanos ultimate encounter. During the game a few questions came up that we could not find answers to.

1st question- when Thanos flips a module to the damaged side, do any antimatter cores on it get destroyed or do they stay on it for when its repaired?

2nd question- can a character interact with the same module twice in the same activation.  Example- Hawkeye interacts with a damaged module and removes enough damage to flip it to healthy. Can he then interact with it to drop an antimatter core on it during the same activation? 

3rd question- if Thanos is dazed before he takes any of his 3 activations, does he lose one of the activations for the round, or still proceed as normal after flipping him?

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1) Anti-amter cores stay until they are removed by the Crisis Team.

2) You cannot interact with the same objective more than once in a turn per the core rules. So you cannot drop a core and repair a module in the same turn.

3) The Dazed token is removed at the start of the turn. Thanos will still have a full activation that turn.

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