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Hondo Ohnaka overflow tokens

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Hondo says one player must assign tokens to "2 different ships", and, separately, the other player must also assign the other two to "2 different ships". Do all four of the assigned ships have to be different from each other?


I resolve Hondo in my fleet of Liberty/AF2/CR90. I assign nav to the Liberty and CF to the AF2.

My opponent has only an SSD on the table, takes a repair token on it, but must then assign the squadron token to one of my ships.

Can they choose to assign the squadron token to the Liberty even though I've already assigned it a token with this resolution of Hondo, or must they assign the token to the CR90?

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Hello Ardaedhel,

No, all four ships do not need to be different from each other. Only that each players chooses "2 different ships" when resolving their part of the effect of Hondo Ohnaka (Officer).

Thank you for your excellent example!
Yes, they must choose to assign a squadron token to any of your ships, this can include any ships that you chose when resolving your part of that cards effect.

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