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Resolve jam token from an Electro-chaff Cloud

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When discussing the use of the Electro-chaff Cloud, we met a question:

A Player A's ship has gained a green token with the help of other friendly ships, and has a lock on an enemy ship. It moves through or overlaps an electro-chaff cloud, which was launched by Player B's ship, and gains a jam token. And then, who should decide whether it is the lock or the green token that the jam token should neutralize? Player A or Player B?

Player A: The Electro-chaff Cloud is launched by Player A and therefore the jam token is caused by me, it should be my turn to decide which token to be neutralized.

Player B: Any obstarcle in the game field is neutral. So it's my turn to resolve the effect just like other cases of moving through/overlapping obstarcles of other types.

Which is right?

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