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"During activation" isn't really defined.  I think, in both of these cases, it would be an acceptable use of Ahsoka, but I want to be sure.

1. I have a squadron token, and reveal a squadron dial - can I use Ahsoka to turn the squadron token into a concentrate fire token, and Then turn the squadron dial into a squadron token?

2. If I use Hondo to give a ship an engineer token, and then take a concentrate fire dial.  When I reveal the dial, and I use Ashoka to turn the engineering token into a squadron token in time to discard it (in order to activate boarding party?

I think in both cases I can, since I get to choose the order of simultaneous actions (and "during activation" to me, can include "when a dial is revealed")  but timing seems to be pretty important (and maybe the most misunderstood part of the game).

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"During activation" isn't really defined.

This is an incorrect assumption. Please review the "Ship Activation" topic in the Rules Reference Guide to gain a better understanding of how Ship Activations and its steps are resolved.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

During a ships activation is anytime that ship has been chosen to be activated (before its command dial is then revealed), during its activation, and when you have declared its activation is over after resolving any effects, if any, after its movement.

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