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Mines, Fuses, moving through, and overlapping.

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As I understand things, if a mine has a fuse placed upon it, the first ship to overlap or move through the mine, the fuse would be removed and the mine would not detonate.  However, what if a ship moved through the mine, but stopped short such that it came to rest with the base overlapping the mine as well. In that case, the mine would be moved through AND overlapped as part of the same move.  Does the mine detonate in that case where the moving through the mine removes the fuse, but the end position with the overlap cause the mine to then detonate?

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From the RR:

"Q: How do fuse markers (pg. 11) interact with Mines?
A: If a ship would move through and/or overlap a fused Mine, one fuse marker is removed from the mine and it does not detonate, even if the ship remains physically on top of the mine after the fuse marker is removed."

The "and/or" covers this situation; the fuse marker is removed and the mine does not detonate.

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