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Tractoring Vultures & Hyenas with Struts

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Can you explain the correct sequence that should happen when a vulture or hyena equipped with struts gets tractored and moved onto an obstacle?
And, what should happen when either of these ships that is already on an obstacle with the struts open gets tractored off the obstacle?

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If Struts are closed, and the Vulture/Hyena is tractored onto an asteroid or debris cloud, the Struts remain closed and the ship suffers the effects of that obstacle, as it is moving, not executing a maneuver.  If Struts are open, the Vulture/Hyena ignores the effects of that obstacle.

If a Vulture/Hyena that is overlapping an obstacle with Struts open is tractored off of the obstacle, nothing further happens.  This is similar to when a Vulture/Hyena barrel rolls off of an obstacle with Struts open.  As soon as it executes a maneuver, the Struts close.

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