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Munitions Failsafe and Suppressive Gunner

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Suppressive Gunner states you can spend an "eye" result to force the defender to gain a deplete token or take 1 damage (defender's choice).  

Munitions Failsafe says after rolling attack dice for a torpedo or missile attack, I can cancel all dice results to regain one weapon charge.  

My question is, after rolling the attack dice, can I spend an "eye" result for Suppressive Gunner and then use Munitions Failsafe? 

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No, "after rolling attack dice" takes place after step 2a of Attack (Roll Attack Dice), but before step 2b (Modify Attack Dice).  "Spending" a result is a dice modification.

The timing of Munitions Failsafe takes place prior to that of Suppressive Gunner.

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