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Ten Numb Crit effect vs. Biggs Darklighter Escorts

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I was wondering if the Squadron Biggs Darkligther can use its effect to redirect damage vs. Ten Numb's special ability. 
Example Scenario:

Ten is attacking Biggs Darklighter and 2x 1-damage-remaining X-wing Squadrons. Ten rolls a blue crit and spends the die to activate his ability. Can Biggs redirect one of the damage suffered from the crit from one of the single-hull X-wings to the other, to kill one X-Wing but save the other?

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Thank you for your patience while this question was looked into with greater attention to detail.

Yes. Biggs Darklighter's ability would be able to resolve its effect for each damage that would be applied by Ten Numbs ability, as long as all of Biggs Darklighters conditions are met.

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