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Reinforce vs Ion Weapons

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An Ion Torpedo attack is performed against a reinforced ship (reinforce is in effect). There are 2 hits more than evades. What is the outcome of the attack if:

(a) Reinforced ship's controller is the first player

(b) Reinforced ship's controller is the second player

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This entry will be added in an upcoming Rules Reference update:


Q: When attacking a Reinforced ship with ion weapons (Ion Cannon, Ion Cannon Battery, Ion Cannon Turret, Ion Missiles, Ion Torpedoes), if the attack would hit with more than one hit or critical result remaining, is an evade result added first or is a hit or critical result spent first?

A: An evade result is added first. The Reinforce effect occurs during the Neutralize Results step, while the damage and ion tokens from ion weapons are applied during the Deal Damage step.

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