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Timing of modify dice and powers that modify dice

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In some games we made, i think we made some mystakes about timing and the steps of modify dice. So i ask for you to be quite sure.

1 exemple: Wolverine made a Adamantium Slash and roll a crit and a wild so at step 8 of the timing he re-rolled the crit and if his opponement had crit(s) in his roll he can re-rolled also. Then at the step 9 Wolverine can modify a dice in the opponement pool because he had a wild/pierce in his pool. But Pierce can never modify the initial throw and cancel a crit.

So if i'm right i presume it works like this for characters like Black Cat or Angela: they can't prevent modifying dices in the step 8 but only on step 9.

Sorry if there's only a topic. And sorry too for language: i'm french !!

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Use the timing chart in Appendix A to help resolve this.
When Criticals are rolled in step 6 for the attacker or step 7 for the defender, do not reroll dice. Roll another die for each Critical result during step 8. 

In step 9, modification happens. In your example Wolverine’s Pierce allows you to change any Block, Critical, or Wild in the defense roll to a blank. This includes the extra dice from the earlier Criticals. 

You are correct that the extra die granted by a Critical rolled in steps 6 and 7 cannot be prevented by Pierce which takes effect after the extra dice are added to the roll. 

It’s important to remember that dice modification happens only in step 9. Step 8 is not modifying dice. Your example with Angela and Black Cat is correct. 

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