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Stealth and Attack Action Ends

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If a character were to declare an attack against a character with stealth, would the attack action be spent? 

My reasoning for the question is that step 1 is to choose an attack and step 2 is declaring a target. So you have already entered the attack action by the time you reach step 2 (potentially 2.b when you measure range) and if there are no other targets available, then how does it resolve in regards to step 2.c? 


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Per page 18, you can’t make an attack without having a target, so if you are outside range 3 of the stealth character, you can’t even enter the attack sequence, it’s not a valid game state to be in.

If you find yourself in this state before having proceeded too far, rewind to just before the attack was declared. This will be situation dependent and require a discussion between both players.

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