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Ionizing Questions

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A ship gets ionized during the System phase (a Conner Net was dropped on it). Does the ship perform an ionized maneuver during its activation the same turn? Or does it perform it's maneuver as set during the Planning phase, making the ionized maneuver in the next round?

When is a ship considered no longer ionized after it performs an ionized maneuver? End of its activation, end of Activation phase, or end of Turn?


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If a ship becomes ionized after the Planning Phase (and therefore has been assigned a dial) but before it has activated during the Activation Phase, it activates as normal. During the next Planning Phase, if the ship is still ionized, it is not assigned a dial and proceeds with the ion maneuver during the Activation Phase. After the ship finishes this activation, it removes all of its ion tokens.

The rules surrounding Ionisation have been updated since this was first answered.

Under the current rules (as of this edit on 17th of October 2022), the ship would perform the Ion Maneuver when it Activates based on the dial set during Planning. At the end of the ships Activation, if it executed an Ion Maneuver, it removes all of it's ion tokens and is no longer Ionized.

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Update to the rules surrounding Ion
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