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If a game is tied and the player opposing a squad using SHIELD affiliation scores a VP mid round for KO'ing a SHIELD character (like through Black Order's leadership or the Usurp the Throne or Blood, Red, and Personal tactic cards) would the SHIELD player score a VP or was the game considered tied when the SHIELD character was lost?

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Hi there, Death's Agenda (healthy side) triggers "when an enemy character is KO'd" and Last Line of Defense triggers either "after the effect is resolved" on the top half or "when an enemy character damages an allied character with an attack" on the bottom half.

My question is related to the timing of these two leaderships, and is especially important when the score is tied or within 1 VP, because that dictates how you read Last Line of Defense. If Fury's leadership happens first, that means you take the score as it stands before Black Order's point is scored, otherwise the Thanos VP is factored into the calculation.

An example I thought of that is why I ask the question is that this is most likely to happen on Turn 1 with Fury's Agents of Shield grunt characters playing an aggressive team like Black Order. If he were to deploy them, and while the score is tied 0-0, some Black Order character KO's the grunts, we'd run into the timing issue.

  • Does Black Order gain the VP first and thus the first half of Fury's leadership brings it back to a 1-1 tie, or...
  • Does Fury's leadership trigger first, hitting the bottom half, and thus not doing anything (since the character is KO'd and can't advance) before Black Order takes a 1-0 lead.


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The effects mentioned above (Death's Agenda, Blood Red and Personal, and Usurp the Throne) trigger when a character is KO'd/Dazed and immediately allow the attacking/active player to score VP(s). Last Line of Defense triggers at the same time but does not grant the VP until after the effect is resolved. 

According to Appendix A, the attacker/active player will activate their triggers first and then the defender/inactive player will activate theirs when their effects share a timing step. This results in the attacking/active player gaining VP(s) followed by Last Line of Defense triggering and checking the score. 

If the players are tied as above, the attacking/active player will gain VP and then Last Line of Defense will check the score which will trigger the first part of it, and after the effect is resolved, the S.H.I.E.L.D. player will gain 1 VP.

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