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Unstoppable Colossus, Rampage and normal activation, or just Rampages?

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While reviewing the Unstoppable Colossus event rules, it claims that on each of Colossus' turns, he rampages. 

It claims "At the start of each of The Unstoppable Colossus' turns, he rampages towards the current priority Cerebro tower." 

So does he have the Rampage at the start, and then a NORMAL activation phase, or does he only rampage for his activations, and nothing else? 

Following normal UE rules, it seems like Unstoppable Colossus would have his 2 action activations as well, but we were unsure if the prior statement for Rampage reading "When the Unstoppable Colossus rampages, he will move and then roll on the rampage chart" were the 2 actions he made for his turn being made. 

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The Unstoppable Colossus Rampages as his Activation each time he Activates. A Rampage is made up of two actions: first, the Rampage movement, then the Rampage chart. During the Rampage movement, Unstoppable Colossus is Pushed Toward the Priority Cerebro Tower. After that movement is resolved, he rolls on and resolves the Rampage chart. 

If the Rampage chart says that Unstoppable Colossus should Rampage again, this is a full Rampage. He makes another Rampage movement and Rampage chart roll. 

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