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Ghost-Spiders Life Saver and Siege of Darkness

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A strange situation came up during one of my recent games.

On my turn I activated Venom, moved him into range of Miles Morale, and then played Siege of Darkness; Venom was one of the characters to pay the cost. I target Miles with the attack and as I target him, my opponent uses Ghost-Spider's Life Saver to pull Miles out of Venom's range, so the attack ends.

However, Life Saver states that "If it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, they may make another action". It was Venoms activation, and his attack only targeted Miles, and the superpower doesn't specify that it has to be an attack that came from an attack action. So which of the following would happen?

  1. Venom does not get to make another action
  2. Venom gets to make another action, but it has to be an attack
  3. Venom gets to make another action, and it can be any action
  4. Something else

We went with 2, but Venom wasn't in range of anyone else so it didn't matter.

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Venom wasn’t a legal character to pay the cost of Siege of Darkness since he isn’t a Midnight Sons affiliated character, so the sequence wasn’t a legal game state.

If it had of been a character that could have played the card though, it would be #3.

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