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3 hours ago, Morsq32 said:

If Ultron would gain a dazed token after an attack, after he removes all damage, special conditions and places either R3 or R1 of a controlled Doomsday Console can he still spend for the reactive Enough!! Superpower? 

He can, yes!

31 minutes ago, Morsq32 said:

Also. Side question. When Horrifying Scraping Sound is treated as a Devastating Barrage is it triggered straight away or does it get triggered after A Better Age.... (Obviously if a wild was rolled) 


If would be triggered at the normal time for Devastating Barrage.

21 minutes ago, Morsq32 said:

And can you hold more than one terrified citizen. Sorry. 

A character can only hold one Terrified Citizen at a time.

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