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Exogorth interactions with Infested Fields objective

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I have some linked questions regarding Exogorth interactions within Infested Fields objective.


First, can exogorths be moved away from the obstacle they were deployed touching to by using a Grav Shift Reroute or Ezra Brigder effect? 


If so, could they be left floating in the space with no contact to other obstacles or they must be rellocated touching their original obstacles? Could both of them be moved to contact the same final obstacle? Could both of them be moved to contact themselves?


During the Squadron Phase, after they perform their attacks, if posible, and they are not touching their original obstacles, are those obstacles moved when you remove the exogorths from the play area? If they are touching a different obstacle, is this second obstacle moved?


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Great questions here.

Yes, they can be moved away from the initial obstacle they were placed touching.
Yes, they can be moved as specified by the effect that moved them and per the rules on moving obstacles. They can be touching no other obstacles, the same obstacle, or another Exogorth obstacle.

No, only an obstacle they are currently touching, if any, are moved. You wouldn't be able to move the same obstacle twice.

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