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Replacing Bumped Crisis Tokens

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Over the course of a game as models and terrain get moved around it's not uncommon for an objective token to be moved and be out of place. How are players supposed to replace these tokens if they are moved? 

Under measurement on page 8 of the online rule book 


Any distance that is measured using a  measurement tool can be measured at any  time, but players may only use one range  tool and one movement tool at a time when  making measurements during the game. When  measuring only take into account the horizontal  distance.

All objective tokens require at least two measurement tools. Does this mean that players cannon replace tokens is they get accidently moved once the game has begun?

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The rules don't allow you to bump the tokens in the first place - its a situation that occurs due to the realities of dealing with a physical game.

As such, fixing the placement of the tokens is also outside the rules of the game and they should be replaced as best as possible with as many measuring tools as required, if you have determined they should be corrected rather than played as is.

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